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Medical Conditions That Are Related Orthostatic Intolerance Conditions

This section addresses conditions that often have OI problems, conditions that can be present and affect orthostatic symptoms and those that can be caused by OI conditions or prolonged bedrest.

    » Conditions Prone to OI - There are a number of conditions that often develop orthostatic problems. This could be because of the primary condition or prolonged bedrest required for recovery could contribute to the problem.

    » Conditions Often Present with OI - Associated with OI - These conditions are often present or the person may have them before they get OI. They can impact on the severity of the OI and its prognosis (the future). They may also become 'orthostatic stressor' - make the orthostatic symptoms worse when they are out of control or more active.
    » Secondary conditions - These are conditions that can develop because of the orthostatic problem or because of prolonged bedrest. It is important to be aware of them. (They develop 2nd - after the OI condition) If tests are done to see if they are starting, it is possible to catch them early and treat them. It is also possible to start preventive treatment for some of the conditions. For example, increase calcium intake and Vitamin D to counter osteoporosis.

Author: Kay E. Jewell, MD
Page Last Updated: August 12, 2012