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Financial Disclosure

The Orthostatic Intolerance Center is created by me, the author. It is privately funded; time is donated. Website hosting is paid by me, the owner. There are no sponsors. We are exploring other corporate structures and non-profit status, however, until such time, this is a private, privately funded website. We plan to further support the center through educational classes.

We will be identifying products that are used by people with orthostatic intolerance. Our goal is to make it easy for users to find resources. We will link to external websites with more information on products. These will be outside our website. We will indicate when the user is leaving the The Orthostatic Intolerance website.

Some of the other websites and products have affiliate relationships or pay a fixed for for referrals. If The Orthostatic Intolerance Center has such a relationship with a product or website, we will identify the affiliate/referral relationship. If the user prefers, they do not have to get information about the product from our link. They can use the information and web address and independently go to the website to explore and make any purchases. They will not be linked to The Orthostatic Intolerance Center.

Sale of products through affiliate relationships is one way we will fund The Orthostatic Intolerance Center and the contributors, editorial panel and authors.

Consistent with the current practice in the medical community, we will ask our contributors/authors to make disclosures, which we will make available.


Kay E. Jewell, MD

     Owner, The Orthostatic Intolerance Center

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