Get Ready for the First Appointment

It helps to take time to write things down ahead of time. It forces you to remember details and when things happened. It will make it easier when you are in an appointment to remember the details. It also gives you something to look at if you need it during the appointment.

We have prepared a form with a list of questions from the material provided in the guidelines for physicians on evaluating syncope and orthostatic intolerance.

You can prepare for your appointment by doing the following:

  • Bring (or send ahead) a copy of your records: any consultations, treatment and tests you have had for your symptoms.
  • As with all appointments, make sure you have a complete list of all your medications, supplements and herbs you are taking. Bring the bottles or copy down the information.
  • Bring a copy of your medical history.
  • Take time to write down your basic questions.
    • Time is limited in most appointments. Which of the questions are the ones you really want to get answered this time?
  • Think about your history - be ready to give the details.
    • You can use this form to record the details of your symptoms. Form -Prepare for First Visit (pdf)
    • Your physician may not ask all the questions on this form but it will help you think about the questions and be prepared to answer questions.
    • You can also give a copy to them for their records.
  • Track how the orthostatic symptoms are affecting your life - your ability to take care of yourself, level of fatigue, grade how OI affects your day. To find out more, including forms you can use, go here - Track the Impact

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Author: Kay E. Jewell, MD
Page Last Updated: August 25, 2012